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Binge Eating: 9 Helpful Tips to Stop

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

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To stop binge eating, focus your energy on these nine game-changing strategies to kickstart binge freedom.

These nine strategies will help you breakup with binge eating and guide you into a healthier, more balanced relationship with food.

1. Refrain From All-or-Nothing Thinking

This kind of mindset is soooo prevalent with diet culture and dieting. It forces us to either be dieting and trying to 'eat perfectly' or completely off the wagon and bingeing. This kind of thinking puts a lot of pressure on ourselves to eat ‘perfectly.’ In doing so, this creates a lot of tension in our body that overtime no one can sustain. Eventually like a volcano building pressure, the volcano erupts and then we find ourselves on the other side of binge wondering what just happened.

Strategy: Instead of focusing on all or nothing or black and white thinking, think in grey and rainbow. Expand your mindset and perspective. Refrain from putting yourself and things into boxes and categories.

2. Recognize and Detaching From an Unhealthy Desire for Thinness

Having an unrealistic body standard for yourself can cause significant mental distress. It can lead to extreme dieting and restricting that contributes to bingeing and eating disorders. Understand that we all have different set points when it comes to our weight. A set point is a weight range that we can maintain more effortlessly by eating a balanced diet and allowing all foods to fit.

Strategy: Instead of focusing on a certain weight, focus on how you want to feel, your energy level, and the kind of relationship you want to have with food, your body then wor