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A simple approach to create a culture of wellness in the workplace.

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A healthier workplace doesn’t just happen—it’s created and nurtured. And what better way to inspire your team than through the power of nutrition and well-being?

What to Expect from Workplace & Corporate Nutrition Wellness 

Healthier Happier Team

Investing in the well-being of your employees is a sure way to demonstrate their value to your organization. When employees feel that their health is a priority, it sends a clear message that they are assets to the company, whose wellness matter. Employees who lead healthier lives tend to be happier overall. A balanced and nourished body often translates into a more positive and joyful mindset, which can have a ripple effect on their work and interactions with colleagues.


Enhance Team Building

Committing to workplace wellness initiatives as a team can strengthen bonds and boost morale. Sharing common health goals encourages mutual support, motivation, and a sense of unity. Colleagues working together to make healthier choices often find themselves cheering each other on and fostering a more harmonious and effective work environment.

Fun & Easy

Wellness should be enjoyable, and learning about nutrition should be as engaging as it is informative. Our sessions are designed to be interactive, making it easy for employees to grasp essential nutritional concepts while having fun. With some humour and a simple approach to nutrition education, we ensure that your team finds the experience both enjoyable and informative.

Practical & Actionable 

We provide practical and actionable nutrition solutions, simplifying science to promote workplace well-being that employees can effortlessly incorporate into their daily lives. Our approaches are intentionally designed to be both practical and effective.

A corporate wellness program promotes a healthier and happier team, enhance team building, is fun and easy


5 Star Rating with gold stars

Meredith led a session for our district's PD and it was great! The session was so informative and the slides were beautiful!! I was surprised how much we covered in a short amount of time without feeling rushed!


Lunch n' Learn Sessions:

Our interactive Lunch n' Learn sessions motivate employees to develop healthier habits, boost energy levels, and reduce stress through the power of nutrition. Our registered dietitians provide fun and informative experiences for your workplace over your lunch hour.

Popular Lunch n' Learn Topics:

  • Mastering Meal Planning: Fuel Your Workweek with Ease and Flavour!

  • Workday Wellness: Nourishing Your 9-to-5 Life

  • Mindful Eating for Mental Clarity: Enhance Focus, Energy, and Brain Health

  • Sweet Freedom at Work: Reducing Added Sugars in Your Daily Diet

  • Cultivating Wellness: Exploring the Secrets of a Happy Gut Microbiome

  • The Power of Food: Optimize your Health & Mind: Nutrition

We offer custom wellness program designed exclusively for your organization. Reach out to us to discuss your vision, and we'll provide you with a customized program!

In-House Dietitian Consultations

Imagine having the expertise of a registered dietitian right within the walls of your organization. With our In-House Dietitian Consultations, with In Good Nutrition you can turn this vision into reality.

Here's how it works: Our dietitian(s) will visit your organization, making wellness accessible and convenient for your employees. No need for them to travel to external appointments; they can have their consultations right in-house. You can choose from a 15-minute 'speed-dating' style sessions, 30-minute consultations, or comprehensive 60-minute sessions. Our dietitian ensures that all advice is practical, achievable, and personalized.

With convenient, in-house consultations and personalized guidance, your employees will be on the path to better health and well-being.

Workplace Wellness Consultations:

Our dietitian will work with your organization to assess and optimize your workplace's physical and social aspects. We'll provide recommendations to create an environment that encourages healthy habits, reducing stress, and enhancing overall employee satisfaction. We'll work closely with you to implement nutrition-centric policies and practices within your organization. This includes promoting healthier food options in the workplace, supporting balanced meal choices, and fostering a culture of mindful eating.

How a Workplace Wellness Program Benefits Employees & Employers

Infographic on How workplace wellness programs can result in less employee sick days, burn out, stress, turnover and reduced health care costs
infograph on the Benefits of a workplace wellness programs: improved productivity and performance, employee health, improved retention rate, boosted workplace morale, staff engagement and business growth

Workplace Well-Being: A Strategic Investment

The need for fostering a wellness-focused work environment has never been more apparent in today's business landscape. Companies are increasingly understanding the value of focusing on their employees' health and overall quality of life. A workforce that is both healthy and content tends to be more efficient, committed, and contributes to a harmonious workplace atmosphere.

Providing the necessary tools and ongoing support for healthier living allows workers to perform optimally, enhancing their engagement and focus on the job. These initiatives offer workers practical education and encouragement to develop healthier lifestyle choices, thereby mitigating long-term health risks. For employers, this translates to a more appealing benefits package that aids in attracting and retaining skilled employees. As a result, the company benefits from heightened employee satisfaction, which ultimately contributes to increased profitability.


The Advantages of Workplace Well-Being Initiatives

For Employers

Our well-being programs serve as a magnet for top-tier talent and act as a catalyst for employee cohesion and teamwork. Increased staff morale and reduced stress levels contribute to enhanced productivity.


For Companies:

Investing in employee well-being not only improves workforce satisfaction but also elevates customer service and reduces healthcare expenditure. A commitment to workplace well-being can also significantly boost the company's image and long-term success.

For Employees:

Workers enjoy a more supportive and health-conscious work setting, increased job satisfaction, and a healthier work-life balance. These factors lead to a heightened sense of commitment and loyalty to the company, creating a continuous cycle of improved overall well-being.

By incorporating a culture of well-being, companies pave the way for not just healthier employees, but also a healthier bottom line.



We take pride in collaborating with organizations to promote a culture of well-being in the workplace. Our corporate wellness programs are tailored to meet the unique needs of each company, fostering healthier workplaces.

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Do you provide on-site workplace workshops?

Yes we do! We provide onsite workshops in the Edmonton, Calgary and Halifax area. 

How do I book a Workplace Wellness Workshop for my team?

Booking a workshop is easy! Simply reach out to us through our contact form, email, or phone. Let us know your organization's needs and preferred topics. We'll work with you to create a customized wellness program that suits your team.

Can you accommodate virtual workshops for remote teams?

Yes, we offer virtual workshops and programs to accommodate remote or dispersed teams. We can deliver engaging and interactive sessions online to ensure all your team members can participate, no matter where they're located.

Do you provide resources and materials for participants?

Yes, we provide valuable resources and materials to support participants in applying what they've learned in our workshops. These resources help individuals make lasting behavior changes.

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