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Welcome! I’m Serena Benali, a registered dietitian.

And this is Cecil my Pomeranian, he loves walks, sun bathing and going for drives.

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The Good Nutrition Philosophy

Good Nutrition is more than the food you eat.

Good Nutrition is having a healthy relationship with food.

It is eating for nourishment and pleasure.

It’s being able to eat foods you enjoy.

It’s being able to stop eating when you're satisfied.

It’s being able to eat and enjoy food for reasons besides hunger.

It’s being able to eat and move on with your day… Good Nutrition has no room for shame or guilt.

Good Nutrition is eating healthfully because you want to and it leaves you feeling good not because you feel like you have to.

Good Nutrition is being in tune with your body, trusting and honouring it. 

Good Nutrition is about enjoying and savouring the foods you love, not depriving yourself of the foods you enjoy.

Good nutrition is being mindful of nutrition and moderation.

Good Nutrition is slowing down to eat because you know when you are present with your food you enjoy the experience tenfold.

In short, Good nutrition is about having a healthy relationship with food, eating in balance and moderation and doing so in a way that leaves you feeling good.


My Story

I struggled with my relationship with food for the majority of my life, up until my early 20’s, when I decided enough was enough.

I started dieting at a young age, name the diet and I’ve probably done it! The toxicity of this really escalated in my late teens, as my dieting became more extreme so did my food obsession. This cycle continued with one fad-diet after another, at the same time my joy for life and mental wellbeing was deteriorating.

My turning point…

I was missing out on experiences and had a profound knowing that I wasn't living the life I was meant to be living because of my relationship with food and my weight. I was constantly tired, my thoughts obsessed over food and weight and I was finding it hard to keep up with daily activities and participate in activities I wanted to.

I knew that there was nothing I could do but stop dieting and heal my relationship with food. I stopped the diet cycle, the restrict, binge, repeat cycle and reclaimed my life.

Long story short, I made enormous shifts in my mindset and food relationship. I learned how to nourish my body and mind for total wellbeing while getting to a healthy weight. I reconnected with the true pleasure and satisfaction from eating and my body so that listening and honouring its wisdom became intuitive.

Through this journey I found a new joy for living, a truly renewed me. 

Let's rewrite your story. We would love to guide you to a freer, healthier, happier relationship with food and body!


Professional Bio

Serena Benali is a Registered Nutritionist Dietitian. She completed her Bachelor of Science in Nutrition at Acadia University and completed her dietetic internship at Grand River Hospital.

Serena Benali is a member of:

In Good Nutrition's mission is to help individuals co-create a sustainable way of health and wellness that is simple and enjoyable.


We acknowledge this land on which In Good Nutrition Inc. operates. It is the traditional lands of First Nations and Metis people and is still the home to Indigenous people. We are grateful to have the opportunity to work on this land located in Treaty 6 territory.

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