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How to Curb Late Night Cravings: 7 Science-Backed Hacks

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Medically reviewed by Serena Benali, Registered Dietitian.

Have you ever “eaten healthy” all day only to find yourself over-powered by late-night cravings when the evening rolls around?

If you’re feeling guilty, frustrated and wondering why you just can't seem to shake these late-night cravings, I’m here to help you uncover some common pitfalls so you can put an end to nighttime cravings.

Here are 7 science-backed hacks on how to curb those late night cravings:

1. Eat enough during the day

If you don’t eat enough food during the day, your body will signal its hunger through strong cravings in the evening (1).

Our body always ‘keeps the score’ in regards to energy (calories) needs and energy expenditure.

Often these cravings experienced, are for foods with higher amounts of calories this is because calorie restriction increases our cravings towards higher-calorie foods (1).

This can be the reason it always feels like you are reaching for foods like chips and chocolate even after eating dinner.