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Liver Health & Fatty Liver: Expert Dietitian Guidance

Women sitting at a table with liver healthy fruits and vegetables and nuts on the table holding a healthy liver

Improve your liver health and wellbeing with tailored eating habits and targeted nutrition strategies with the guidance of our expert registered deititians.

Understanding NAFLD

Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) is a condition where excess fat builds up in the liver even if the person consumes little to no alcohol. It's one of the most common liver disorders globally, often linked to obesity and insulin resistance. If not managed, NAFLD can lead to liver inflammation, cirrhosis, or liver cancer.

How Our Dietitians Can Help with NAFLD:

  • Understand the causes behind fatty liver and familiarize with NAFLD & NASH (Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis) symptoms.

  • Understand which foods are beneficial for liver health and which foods to avoid.

  • Get comprehensive nutrition support tailored to your liver health needs.

  • Benefit from personalized recipes and a custom meal plan targeting liver health.

  • Achieve improved blood sugar regulation.

  • Reach a healthy body weight.

  • Learn about healthier food alternatives and product choices.

  • Stay on track with consistent accountability during your diet and lifestyle shifts.

  • Navigate co-existing health challenges like high blood pressure, high cholesterol and pre-diabetes or diabetes.

  • Address other concurrent health concerns, like dietary support for gut health and thyroid health.

The Importance of Nutrition in Liver Health:

The liver plays a crucial role in metabolizing nutrients, detoxifying harmful substances, balancing hormones and producing vital proteins. A balanced, nutritious diet not only supports these functions but can prevent or even reverse certain liver conditions.

Online Appointments for Liver Health

Empower your liver health journey with expert insights. Schedule a virtual consultation with our specialized dietitians today. 

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Resources for Liver Health

In combination with consultation with a registered dietitian, consider exploring the following trusted resources:

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About Our Team of Liver Health Dietitians

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