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Kids Nutritionist & Dietitian

From babies to kids, our pediatric nutritionist can help make meal time simple and enjoyable once again while ensuring your kids are getting the nutrition they need to thrive!


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Starting Solid Foods

the words Food Allergy spelt out in letters surronded by common alergy foods like shrimp,

Food Allergies & Intolerances

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Picky Eating

Plate of healthy foods that are good for the brains of kids inclding walnuts, strawberries

Nutrition for ADHD & Behaviour

How a Dietitian Can Help with All Stages of Kids Nutrition

Navigating the nutritional needs of children can be a complex journey, filled with picky eating phases, concerns about food allergies, and questions about whether your child is meeting their nutritional needs.

Our pediatric dietitians are here to offer guidance, grounded in evidence-based research, that takes the guesswork out of raising healthy, happy eaters. We focus on creating simple, easy-to-implement strategies that can fit into your family's existing routine. By offering practical solutions, we help you integrate healthier choices in a way that is manageable and stress-free, so you can focus on raising a happy, healthy family.

How Pediatric Dietitians Can Support Your Children and Family

From the crucial first 1000 days to the turbulent teenage years, our dietitians and nutritionists provid the tools and advice you need to help your child thrive. With the latest evidence-based approaches, we offer comprehensive services that cover:

 Introduction to Solid Foods: Navigate this critical stage with science-backed recommendations.

✔ Lactation and Breastfeeding Support: Ensure the best start for your newest family member.

✔ Picky Eating: Get expert advice on how to broaden your child's food horizons.

 Food Allergies and Intolerances: Learn how to manage allergies and ensure your child's safety and nutritional needs are met.

✔ Special Diets for Medical Conditions: Tailored advice for conditions like Celiac Disease and more.

 Fussy Eating and Texture Aversions: Discover ways to tackle these often frustrating issues.

✔ Nutritional Support for ADHD and Behavioural Issues: Learn how diet can play a role in managing symptoms.

✔ Family Meal Planning: Get the whole family involved in healthy eating.

✔ Vegan and Vegetarian Diets for Kids: Find out how to meet nutritional needs with plant-based diets.

✔ Nutritional Deficiencies: Address gaps in nutrition like Iron and Vitamin D deficiencies.

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Helpful Resources for Kids Nutrition:

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Tips to Say Goodbye to Picky Eating

Direct Billing is Available

We offer direct billing to make your experience as smooth as possible. Simply provide your insurance details when booking your consultation online.

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