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What To Do After a Binge: 9 Proven Ways to Break the Binge Eating Cycle

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Medically reviewed by Serena Benali, Registered Dietitian

Are you struggling with binge eating? While tips to stop binge eating are critical in the process of recovery, understanding what to do after a binge when it occurs is of equal importance in the journey towards healing your relationship with food and breaking the binge eating cycle.

After a binge, your emotions can run high and negative thoughts might seem impossible to shake. It is common to feel frustrated and down on yourself. You may be unsure of what to do next, and think: now what...?

Here are 9 proven strategies on what to do after a binge to get back on track so you can break the binge eating cycle:

1. Express self-compassion

Cultivating self-compassion can be an effective approach for reducing binge eating Practicing self-compassion has also been shown to reduce eating and weight concerns (1).

Offer yourself the same kindness and care you would offer a good friend when they are feeling inadequate or having a hard time. Think about what you would say to someone you care about deeply, and direct that acceptance and compassion inwards.

Dr Kristin Neff, a leader and researcher in self-compassion, has a library of free guided practices and meditations that you can explore. Mindfulness mediation has been shown to be effective in decreasing binge eating (2).

Summary Showing yourself some self-compassion and being your inner ally instead of your inner critic is more effective in reducing binge eating.

2. Sooth yourself with something warm