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Binge Eating – How to stop

Updated: Aug 8, 2022


The urge to binge eat can feel so overpowering.

We can expend a lot of mental energy trying to fight the urge by means of avoiding or restricting certain foods, excessive exercise or dieting. Although these behaviours may come with good intentions they often only exacerbate the problem. They reinforce body distrust and a distorted, dysfunctional relationship with food.

When we shift your mindset and energy to reset your relationship with food and body, the tug-a-war ends and we find a new flow in ease and grace in developing a healthy relationship with food and body for once and for all.

Here are the four key concepts to focus your energy so you can stop binge eating for good:

1 . Food Relationship

Focusing on your food relationship is about getting to the root of your eating behaviour so you're no longer trapped in a losing battle against food and your body. This starts with fostering curiosity and being objective enough to understand the food landscape (what's happening before a binge). We always think it's about the food because we're making our way to food but we're also making our way away from something else. What are the specific emotions and triggers? From here, we begin building emotional flexibility (the ability to sit with any unpleasant feelings ex. cravings or urges) while staying present in the moment. To help you confidently kick-off your journey to a freer, healthier relationship with food get my free eBook 21-Days to your healthy relationship with food!

2 .Mindset

If you're focusing on the problem, you will stay in the problem because where consciousness goes it expands. We need to reframe our mindset and it starts with