Binge Eating – How to stop

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The urge to binge eat can feel so overpowering. Often we spend our mental energy attempting to fight the urge by means of avoiding or restricting certain foods, excessive exercise or dieting. Although these may come with good intentions they often only exacerbate the problem. They reinforce body distrust, all-or-nothing and scarcity mindset.

When we shift our mindset and energy on building a new relationship with food, body and self, the tug-a-war ends and we find a new flow in ease and grace in developing a healthy relationship with food, body and self for once and for all.

Here are the four key areas to focus your energy so you can stop binge eating for good:

1. Food Relationship

Food relationship is about getting to the root of your eating behaviour so you're no longer trapped in a losing battle against food and your body. This starts with fostering curiosity and being objective enough to understand the food landscape (what's happening before a binge). We always think it's about the food because we're making our way to food but we're also making our way away from something else. What are the specific emotions and triggers? From here, we begin building emotional flexibility (the ability to sit with any unpleasant feelings (ex. cravings or urges) while staying present in the moment.

2. Mindset

If we're focusing on the problem, we will stay in the problem because where consciousness goes it expands. We need to reframe our mindset and it starts with aligning to the vision of health you have for yourself. Instead of focusing your energy fighting what is, focus your energy on building the new. Being by mapping out your desired relationship with food, body and self. How do you want to feel, be, how do you want your days to look like? Get specific here. Then start being aware of, and reframing negative thinking patterns, self-talk and limiting beliefs that aren't in alignment with that vision for yourself.

3. Pleasure & Satisfaction Eating

Eating is a pleasurable experience, however when we're consumed in the binge eating cycle, we don't see it as so. We may miss out on the pleasure from eating when we are disconnected from the eating experience, our bodies or we don't feel worthy on some level. Subconsciously. we may find ourselves making our way back to food again, and again, to get that dose of dopamine, a feel-good neurotransmitter. Connecting to the body and bringing mindfulness to the eating experience can help us re-establish body-trust and start receiving the pleasure from eating so that binge eating, let along overeating becomes impossible because you savour the pleasure from eating and honour your body wisdom. Pleasure & Satisfaction Eating is my proven, signature process for becoming binge free though reconnecting with the body and the pleasure and satisfaction from eating.

4. Whole-self nourishment

Like mentioned above, eating brings a lot of pleasure, among other things (distraction, dull numb feelings, enhance pleasant feelings etc.). For some, eating may be their biggest daily pleasure. Find other ways to bring pleasure to your day without food; self-care, body movement, social connection, stress relief. We need to nourish ourselves in all areas of self for total wellbeing.

I take my clients deep into these four pillars in my coaching program. Send me a message and let's chat about how my program can transform you!

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