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8 Best Food Addiction Books for Breaking the Cycle

Updated: 6 days ago

Written by Serena Benali, Registered Dietitian. Published January 2023.

A woman with glasses sitting on the couch at home reading a food addiction book

Food addiction is a real thing. You especially know this to be true if you’ve ever experienced it firsthand… The secrecy, the feeling out of control, being unable to stop eating despite feelings of pain and discomfort and the feelings of guilt and shame you’re left with.

If you’re struggling with food addiction it’s important to know that it is not your fault. There is clear research showing us that food activates the same brain regions seen with drug addicts.

MRI’s studying humans have shown that certain foods activate the same regions of the brain as drugs (amygdala and insula). Furthermore, food cravings lead to changes in the brain (hippocampus, insula and caudate) that are similar to those involved in drug cravings that are only present in addicts (1).

In this blog post, we recommend eight books to begin breaking the cycle of food addiction. Many of these books explain the science and neurobiology behind food addiction in addition to processes to help break the cycle.