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Our Registered Dietitians in the Media

Discover the expertise and impact of our registered dietitians in the media. We're proud to share insightful contributions, expert opinions, and appearances in various publications, broadcasts, and digital platforms.

In the Media

Celebrated for their expertise in the nutrition field, our dietitians are frequent contributors to diverse media channels, where they share valuable insights, research findings, and expert advice.

In Good Nutrition offers tips to make Thanksgiving a little healthier, Global News

Fat Loss vs Weight Loss (4 Vital Differences Explained), Total Shape

5 tips for healthy eating during the holidays, Lumino Health

Fatphobia Is Killing Us. What Will It Take to End It? CNET

Member Blog, Dietitians of Canada 

Dietitians Tell Us How To Shed Pounds Fast (And Healthily) In The New Year, SheFinds

6 Healthiest Snacks to Buy at Walmart Right Now, According to Dietitians, Eat This, Not That

How to get back to clean eating after indulging over the holidays, Saltwire

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