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Flexible Personalized Nutrition Care with Dietitian & Nutritionist 

Science made simple, tailored to you nutrition care, and a supportive partnership that empowers you to make sustainable changes for lasting results.

Book a FREE 15 minute consultation with a dietitian to find out how we can help you.

We provide direct billing! Once your appointment is booked online, you'll receive an intake form to add your insurance details. 

Book Your Dietitian Consultation Online Today

Our dietitian experts offer a unique blend of expertise and customized care tailored to your individual needs. Be it managing a specific health issue, understanding your nutritional needs, or taking steps toward a healthier lifestyle, we aim to simplify and enhance your journey.

Working collaboratively, we can help you reach your nutrition goals and contribute to a more content and healthier version of you. Let's begin your journey now!

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Colourful healthy food on table with green flowers and coffee

We believe good nutrition isn't just about the food you eat but also about creating a sustainable lifestyle that allows for nourishment, enjoyment, and positive energy. It centers on cultivating a healthy relationship with food, one that brings energy, satisfaction, and vitality.


This approach is free of restrictive diets, focusing instead on choices that make you feel good, nourish your body, and encourage a vibrant, balanced relationship with food.


Explore services by our Registered Dietitians tailored to your needs.

Healthy Food Relationship

Preoccupied with food, weight and body? Feeling a loss of control around food with cycles of dieting or restricting?


Our Registered Dietitians will give you the personalized support you need to restore a healthy relationship with food.

Disease Management

Feeling constantly tired, have a chronic health concern or new diagnosis? High cholesterol, NAFLD (liver disease), diverticulitis, diabetes.

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all' recipe for your unique circumstances. Our dietitian's personalized and holistic approach helps get to the root of your concern so you can restore health and feel healthier.

Meal Plans

Save money, time and stress with a custom Meal Plans  personalized to your nutritional needs, tastes and preferences. Designed around your cooking abilities, and time you want to spend preparing food.


Best of all, created just for you by our dieticians. Direct billing available, covered under registered dietitian in insurance/benefits plans.

Eating Disorders

Working with eating disorders: bulimia, anorexia, binge eating and orthorexia, our dietitians are skilled in finding the delicate balance between understanding where you’re at and challenging you to make progress.


We create a space where clients feel at ease to discuss food issues and worries. Through a trusting collaborative relationship, we provide you with the support you need to create change and lasting recovery.


Conveniently, our services are available via tele-health (phone and video). Regardless of where you are, your appointments can come to you. All you need is a secure internet connection and a comfortable space.



5 Star Rating with gold stars

Before working with In Good Nutrition, I was obsessed with food and it controlled my every thought and steered my day in a negative direction. After the program I can honestly say I have a completely new outlook on food. I can now enjoy food without any feelings of guilt or worry.  My dietitian really understood the psychology of disordered eating and guided me to discover the root of my disorder. She does not just tell you what to eat or what not to eat. She was fantastic and I enjoyed every single session.

5 Star Rating with gold stars

I am way less hungry and not binging throughout the day as my meals are keeping me full! I no longer think about food all day long. I also was always told muffins are BAD, but my dietitian told me muffins I can make myself using whole foods are GOOD! And I’ve never been loving breakfasts more! I am a breakfast eating machine now!  If you're thinking about working with In Good Nutrition, Do it! My dietitian explained stuff to me in an easy, simple way that made me understand! She also is kind and gentle and encourages you to treat yourself the same way!

5 Star Rating with gold stars

The biggest shift of me was the realization that being concerned with my macros was no different than any of my previous disordered eating periods. Yes, I was eating a lot but I was not enjoying much if any of it.  Since working with In Good Nutrition I have both being able to see enjoyment as part of the eating experience as well as being able to enjoy “off limits” foods without binging. Trust the process, they are there with you and will guide you towards a freer relationship with food and your hunger. It will change your life.

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