Reach your healthy, happy place with food & body.

Personalized Nutrition Counselling with Registered Dietitians.

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For support with your food relationship, eating disorder, health management, or nutrition for mental health, I offer to take this process step-by-step with per session/appointment booking.

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Renewed is the all-encompassing one-on-one coaching program, with a complete step-by-step roadmap that will set you free from binge eating! Renewed is for the women who is ready to dedicate twelve weeks to heal and transform her relationship with food, body, and step into the confident, renewed version of herself.


Before the program I was obsessed with food and it controlled my every thought and steered my day in a negative direction. After the program I can honestly say I have a completely new outlook on food. I can now enjoy food without any feelings of guilt or worry of gaining weight. 

Serena is extremely passionate, a great listener, knowledgeable, and easy to talk to. Serena really understands the psychology of disordered eating and guided me to discover the root of my disorder. Serena does not tell you what to eat or what not to eat. She was fantastic and I enjoyed every single session. 


Dietitian services covered by most health benefits plan!

Dietitian services are often covered by your health benefits plan. Speak with your insurance provider to determine what coverage you qualify for.